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Beekeeping Equipment, Bees,and various Items for Sale or Wanted 
To add an item, contact an Executive Member. Free to RRAA members, $10.00 for non members.
For Sale:
Quantity of 40 Standard Deep Supers made of unpainted plywood with metal frame rests. May be ideal for nuc sales. $10 each. One unpainted pine shallow super (9 5/8") $10. Ten (10) new wooden frames with Pierco white plastic foundation, $2 each.
Five (5) white and Five (5) black Pierco plastic foundation, $0.50 each.
One new Dadant 4"x10" Smoker with shield, $50. Two (2) new 10" hive tools (red painted end), $5 ea. One (1) new 7.5" hive tool (red painted end) $3.
One new Sherriff S-41 Honey Rustler size "M" Bee Jacket with Hood, $100.
Nine (9) new non stainless Varroa-Nator screen insert, $5 each. Jack's Scale Honey Colour Grader $30.
Used Electric Uncapping Plane $100. New Extra Copper Blade for uncapping plane $10.    Contact Jim Campbell at 204-467-5246 or e-mail
Honey. Contact John at 204-943-0166 or e-mail
For Sale:
Contact Waldemar: phone 204 (204) 755-2340 or e-mail
For Sale:
Variety of beekeeping equipment-Supers with empty frames, Empty boxes, Wood Feeder boxes,  Black plastic Frame Feeders, Frame parts. Call Charles Polcyn (204) 284-7064 or
For Sale:
Dadant Jr Bench Extractor: Hand powered stainless steel 2 frame extractor. Comes with stand. Solid unit, great for hobbyist. Used one season. Asking $475. Paul at 204-898-9669 or email
For Sale:
Heavy frames of pollen-- $60 per super of ten frames. 15 supers of plastic frames - $34 ea. Wrecking 2005 F-350 4x4 – asking $4,000 OBO  Booking spring colonies – minimum 4 frames of brood – mid May - $250  Thirty honey supers w plastic comb-$32 each. Winter wraps made to your specifications $45-$65 each. Can deliver to Winnipeg. All frames fully drawn out. No AFB history. Contact Paul Gregory e-mail
For Rent:
For the Hobby small colony beekeeper 4 frame SS extractor. Call for details Ken 204-755-3427
your info could be here. Contact Ken at 204-755-3427 for info
(updated July 25, 2017)