Student Member

Free Membership
Students attending the "Beekeeping for the Hobbyist" course at the University of Manitoba are provided a Free - One Year Membership in RRAA.
The University of Manitoba, conducts an eight week, evening study program for beginners. The course usually runs  most Wednesday evenings, from mid January until mid March each year. For information about this U of M course click here.
At one of the evening sessions, students will be invited to attend the regular RRAA General Meetings, plus may be provided with a copy of the RRAA newsletter, "the Bee Cause".
On the Membership Application form, in the newsletter, or on the download, check the box "Student" for your one year Free membership in the club. Then mail the form to RRAA! See you at our meetings.
For a copy of the RRAA Membership Application form, click on Membership Form.