Manitoba has about 550 Beekeepers with about 95,000 honey bee colonies. Some are considered Commercial Beekeepers with over 500 colonies each. Hobby Beekeepers can have as few as one hive of bees and up to several hundred. Typical production is about 165 pounds (75 kg) of honey per colony.
Whatever your age or gender, if you like working outdoors, enjoy the wide array of flowering plants, and don’t mind lifting heavy honey boxes, then... why not consider becoming one of the many beekeepers in Manitoba.
It's a Great Life, where you can provide friends and family with a pure natural food product! 
The Red River Apiarists' Association has about 60 active members.
Membership Fees
  • Fees are $25.00 per year.
  • Membership fees are payable by April 1 of each year, and cover membership for the beekeeper and their partner.
  • Included in your membership is a subscription to our newsletter “the Bee Cause” published 8 times each year.
  • To Join RRAA download a copy of the Membership form.
Free Membership
  • Students may be eligible for one year Free membership. See Student Membership for information.
  • Check the "Student" box on the Membership form.